The project has four partners: DTU Energy, WattsUp Power A/S, DTU Elektro and Banedanmark.

DTU Energy carries out world-class research and development on a number of energy conver-sion and storage technologies. In total the DTU Energy members of this project proposal have more than 18 years of experience in electromagnetism and permanent magnet design. The members have extensive experience in working with industrial partners and transforming the knowledge gained from research into knowledge directly useable for the industrial partners.

WattsUp Power, Hvidovre, develops and produces high-quality energy storage devices, especially magnetically levitated flywheels. The company founders have together more than 25 years’ experience in energy storage solutions and 15 years in grid connected power electronics.

DTU Elektro carries out research, education and innovation for future energy systems in all scales from component to system level, and furthermore operates the world-class experimental facilities, PowerLabDK. The main technical competences cover energy technology, electric power engineering, automation, information technology and sto-chastic methods.

Banedanmark, København, is a state-owned company that operates under the auspices of the Danish Ministry of Transport & Building. It is responsible for the traffic control of Denmark’s rail network.
19 FEBRUARY 2020